Special Session: “Adaptive Building Envelopes”

Susanne Gosztonyi works and teaches in the field of energy efficient buildings with focus on responsive building envelopes, integration of renewable energy technologies in buildings, and biomimetics. Her research is based on the exploration of technical and biological principles for energy efficiency and climate-sensitive design, and its transferability to architectural engineering and design of innovative facades. Susanne’s interest is to combine these findings with digital design and manufacturing in order to develop novel adaptive solutions.

Susanne holds a Master degree in architecture and urban planning from the Vienna University of Technology, Austria, and completed post-graduate studies in the Master programme ‘Climate Engineering’ at the Danube University Krems, Austria. She developed specific knowledge in Biomimetics due to her doctorate research. Susanne worked for eight years as a scientist and project manager at the Energy Department of the ‘AIT Austrian Institute of Technology’ in Vienna and, being a trained architect, she also worked many years as an architect for international architectural offices in Europe, Australia and South America. Since October 2014, Susanne is a researcher and teacher at Lund University, Architecture and Built Environment, in field of Energy and Building Design, and is completing her PhD. in ‘Biomimetic exploitation of thermal adaptability in nature for adaptive façade systems’ at the TU Delft, Architectural Engineering and Technology.

Susanne has coordinated and contributed to European and Austrian research projects, such as SARA: Sustainable Architecture for Replicable Public-Access Buildings (EU/TREN/FP6), MPPF – Multifunctional Plug & Play Façade (AT/COMET), IEA SHC Task 41: Solar Energy and Architecture (IEA SHC), or BioSkin. Biomimetic research potentials for energy efficient dynamic facades (AT/HDZplus). She is a guest researcher and member of the façade research group, TU Delft, a member of the international scientific association BIOKON International, as well as a scientific committee member in various international conferences.