10 Facades for the Future

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Student Design Competition

The qualified proposals for “Ten Facades for the Future” student design competition is announced on the main page.

1           Introduction

’Ten Facades for the Future’ is a design competition for the facade system of the future in the pursuit of new and creative ideas. It is open worldwide to undergraduate and masters students of all building-related fields. Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged to join, while single-discipline teams or individual applications are also welcomed.

2           The Challenge

Ten Facades for the Future’s challenge is to search for a new face for middle to high-rise office or apartment buildings as well as to search for an innovative facade system that will improve the performance of these buildings in topics such as energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, adaptability, production efficiency, wind and seismic resistance. In this search for innovation, adopting widely known strategies such as prefabrication or more recent ones such as biomimicry are both welcomed. Solutions that combine facade and roof as a single element can also be investigated.

2.1          The site and the climate

The location of the buildings in which the new facade system will be used can be anywhere in the world. However, entrants are expected to specify a climate type according to Köppen-Geiger classification scheme, and to design the facade system according to this selected type. A specific city can be determined instead of using a notional location with a specified climate. In that case, long-term climatic conditions of that city should be considered during facade system design, and that data should be provided at the design report.

2.2          Performances to be fulfilled by the facade system

All performances listed below should be considered in the facade system proposal, at least at a minimum level. Entrants can either select a limited number of performances among them as the focus of significant improvement, or prefer to make general improvement in all of them. In either case, explanatory reviews of each performance should be provided at the design report together with the design scenario explaining assumptions on e.g. climate, wind pressures, earthquake zone, exterior noise level. Performances that have to be considered in the future facade system proposal and their extent are as follows:

  • Structural safety – providing the desired level of structural performance when subjected to all possible load combinations that are expected during construction and throughout their intended life, such as impact, wind and earthquake loads depending on the design scenario;
  • Fire safety – providing safeguards against smoke generation and spread of fire to, including but not limited to, adjacent floors and/or buildings;
  • Technical functionality and durability – ensuring that the facade system proposal together with its joints with other elements/components (i) has provisions and adequate controls against water and air leakage, differential movements and condensation, and (ii) continues to function properly during its intended service life with only normal maintenance, when subjected to expected degrading agents such as rainwater, solar radiation, frost, depending on the design scenario;
  • Indoor environment related performances –having provisions to help maintaining adequate interior activity spaces in terms of air temperature, air quality, and lighting and sound levels;
  • Environmental sustainability – having provisions to help reducing use phase space conditioning and lighting energy consumptions, and reducing its embodied energy, together with provisions to protect all natural resources;
  • Constructability/maintainability – having provisions for efficient and economical construction and maintenance of the system, and for efficient and economical manufacturing of its components as well;
  • Usability / User related functionality – having provisions for different user behaviours and expectations in the context of residential and office buildings.

Assessment of and selection among the facade system proposals will be based on these listed performances. Materials that are potentially hazardous e.g. due to gas or solid particles emitted shall not be used in the proposal.

2.3          Structural system of the building

Structural system and structural material to be used in that system will be determined freely by the entrants, in relation with the design scenario defined. Entrants have to specify and explain the relation and integration of the facade system proposal and structural system, where they are free to determine the scale and detail of explanatory drawing(s).

3           Jury members and reporters

Core Jury Members:

Aslıhan Tavil (I.T.U.)

Caner Göçer (I.T.U.)

Ecem Edis (I.T.U.)

Hanifi Gedik (I.T.U.)

Oguz C. Celik (I.T.U.)

Specialist jury members:

Ana-Maria Dabija, Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism

Cem Topkaya, Middle East Technical University

Inês Flores-Colen, Universidade de Lisboa Instituto Superior Técnico

Jorge de Brito, Universidade de Lisboa Instituto Superior Técnico

Nuri Serteser, Istanbul Technical University

Sabarinah Sheikh Ahmad, Universiti Teknologi MARA

Volkan Gür, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University


Buket Metin (I.T.U.) (Executive Reporter)

Elif Tugba Yalaz (I.T.U.)

Isil Turkay (I.T.U.)

4           Competition timeline

Launch of the Competition                                                                         30.09.2016

Commence of Registration                                                                         30.10.2016

Deadline for sending questions (via e-mail)                                          30.10.2016*

Posting answers to the questions (on the web site)                              15.11.2016**

Deadline for registration                                                                          15.01.2017* 01.02.2017*

Deadline for submission of Future Facade Proposals

(digital submission)                                                          22.02.2017* 28.02.2017*

Jury assessment                                                                    28.02.2017 – 25.03.2017

Announcement of the qualified Proposals (on the web site)                 7.04.2017 14.04.2017

Award ceremony (at the ICBEST Conference)                                          15.05.2017

* Until 18:00 (Turkish Local Time)

** The questions and answers can be found at the end of this page.

5           ‘Future Facade’ proposal submission method, requirements and templates

It is necessary to register until 15.01.2017 and get a ‘Registration ID number’ for joining the competition. Sending an e-mail to student_competition@icbestistanbul.com is required for registration and ‘Registration’ should be written in the subject area of the e-mail. Entrants’ name, surname, university, faculty, department/program, mailing address, mobile phone number should be provided in the registration e-mail. In the case of team work, registration of only one team member is adequate. Registration ID numbers are going to be sent after 30.11.2016. Future Facade Proposals have to be submitted digitally until 18:00 (Turkish local time) on 22.02.2017. Submission procedures will be announced here sooner.
Each submission has to include the following items;

  • Design Report – Document containing ‘brief proposal narrative’, ‘design scenario explaining performances selected for improvement and assumptions on e.g. climate/city selected, earthquake zone, exterior noise level’, and ‘explanations and reviews on each performance listed in Section 2.2’. Click here to download Design Report Template
  • Drawings of Future Facade System – Vertically oriented A1 posters containing ‘conceptual explanation of the proposal’ and ‘technical drawings including a 1/50 elevation of the facade of a virtual or existing building, a 1/20 2-storey high partial section of the facade, and 1/5 joint details. Maximum four (4) A1 posters can be submitted. Click here to download Poster Template
  • Official package – Package containing design team information, signed copyright transfer agreement form, and up-to-date student certificates of each design team member. Click here to download Official Package Template

Templates provided for each item listed above shall be used for the submissions. Registration ID number provided by the Competition Organizers shall be used in the naming of submission files. Identification of the design team on the ‘Design Report’ and ‘Drawings of Future Facade System’ in any form is not permitted.

6           Awards

Ten best proposals will be awarded*. Members of the winning design teams will have free Student Registration to ICBEST Istanbul 2017 Conference.  Accommodation fees of up to two members of each winning team, between 15-18 May 2017 at the Istanbul Technical University facilities (or at a facility with similar characteristics), will be covered by the ICBEST Istanbul 2017 Organizing Committee. Winning proposals are scheduled to be published in a book edited by the ICBEST Istanbul 2017 Organizing Committee.

* Jury members reserve the right to select less than 10 proposals considering the content of the submissions.

7           Announcement and Exhibition of the Qualified Proposals, and Certificate Ceremony

Winning Design Teams will be announced at www.icbestistanbul.com on 7.04.2017. Winning proposals will be exhibited between 14-28 May 2017 at I.T.U. Faculty of Architecture on Taskisla Campus, Taksim, Istanbul. Certificates of merits will be given to the winning design teams during the ICBEST Istanbul 2017 International Conference. A Poster Session to introduce the winning proposals is scheduled to be organized during the Conference.

8           Terms and conditions

8.1          General

  • This competition is open worldwide to undergraduate and master’s students continuing their education in all building-related fields, and free of charge.
  • Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged to join, but individual applications or single-discipline teams are also accepted.
  • Registration until 15.01.2017 is mandatory to be qualified to submit a Proposal. In the case of team work, registration of only one team member is adequate.
  • Each team can consist of up to 4 people, and any member of one team has the right to join another team. Additionally, teams may submit more than one project. In these cases, separate registrations by different team members are necessary.
  • Participants may send their questions about the competition via e-mail to student_competition@icbestistanbul.com until 30.10.2016 at 18.00 local time in Turkey. All questions should be written in English and “Competition Question” should be written in the subject area of the e-mail.
  • Questions and answers will be posted at icbestistanbul.com on 15.11.2016. Possible alterations in the process, additional information and names of the winners will be announced on the same website. Questions, asked by phone, will not be answered.
  • Direct communication with the jury members for asking questions and/or receiving comments is strictly forbidden.
  • The language of competition is English. All submissions should be in English, including the up-to-date student certificates that will be submitted together with the proposals.
  • The ICBEST Istanbul 2017 Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel the competition due to any unforeseen situations.
  • All people or businesses who have been involved in this competition’s organization are not eligible to join the competition. This includes any person with a close relation to the ICBEST Istanbul 2017 Organizing Committee and jury members; and any other individual that might influence directly the deliberation of the jury members.

8.2          Disqualification

  • Proposals submitted shall be the original work of the Entrants, and should not be published in whole or in part and/or awarded elsewhere before. Such submissions will be disqualified by the majority votes of the jury members during the assessment phase. If such an incidence is identified after the assessment process, the original certificate of merit has to be returned to the ICBEST Istanbul 2017 Organizing Committee.
  • In the case of a sign or indication on the ‘Design Report’ and/or ‘Drawings of Future Facade Proposal’, which reveals the identity of the entrants, is identified, the submission will be disqualified. In addition, in the absence of any item listed for submission in Section 5, the submission will be disqualified as well. All disqualifications will be reported indicating the Registration ID number.

8.3          Copyright Transfer

In brief, but not limited with, by submitting to the competition, the entrants accept to transfer to the ICBEST Istanbul 2017 Organizing Committee all rights to exhibit, publish or reproduce the “Future Facade Proposal” in whole or in part in any media by identifying the entrants’ names. The following rights will be reserved by the entrants:

  1. All proprietary rights other than copyright, such as patent rights;
  2. The right to use, free of charge, all or part of the ‘Proposal’ in future works of the entrants’ own creation, such as books and lectures; and
  3. The right to reproduce the Proposal for the Entrants’ own purposes.

The entrants, by submitting to the competition, also warrant that the proposal is their own work, not published or awarded before, and submitted materials do not infringe the copyright of any third parties.

Any submission without a signed copy of the Copyright Transfer Agreement will be disqualified.

The questions and answers

Question: I want to register student facade competition. But I am not student. Is it possible to register as a not student status?

Answer: The competition is open to undergraduate and masters students only, and the entrants have to present up-to-date student certificates to register. Hence, it is not possible for the non-student people to register and join the competition.